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About Lush Marketing

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About Lush Marketing

Lush Marketing is a small and agile marketing consultancy run and founded by long-term marketing and communications expert Bernie Ritchie, MBA.

Based out of Bristol, UK, Lush Marketing serves primarily small businesses, entrepreneurial innovators, non-profits and solo entrepreneurs in the South West and rest of UK.

Lush Marketing also provides marketing consultancy services to an international audience in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific via Skype.

The overriding aim of Lush Marketing is to deliver marketing work and consultancy that keeps its client brands and businesses fresh, vibrant, relevant and continually competitive.

Lush Marketing is part of Lush Communications.

Our Marketing Approach

A strong belief in intelligent insight founded on a strategic bedrock.

Highly mindful of competitive positioning, opportunities and threats in a volatile and dynamic marketplace.

An innate belief in the positive and commercial value of keeping brands fresh, agile and competitive.

A clear understanding of the power of visuals, storytelling and brand assets to keep your business in business.

A skilled approach when it comes to opportunistic brand and business-building via smart business communications.

Helping your brand get comfortable with being uncomfortable in an over-crowded, competitive business landscape.

About Bernie Ritchie

Bernie Ritchie is a skilled marketing, PR and corporate communications specialist with 30+ years of experience in the marketing communications field. She combines strategic and innovative thinking with hands-on practical delivery, client team collaboration and project management skills.

Offering depth of expertise and wide-ranging cross-sector experience, Bernie has worked for a very wide spread of clients from large private and public sector corporate organisations through to smaller, dynamic entrepreneurial ventures, SMEs and solo entrepreneurs as well as serving the non-profit sector.

Her particular interest at Lush Marketing is working with small businesses, entrepreneurial innovators and start-ups.

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